I am passionate about good food. Its what drives us to reach new goals. Unfortunately every person has bad food experiences. This blog speaks for all those who paid to eat sub-par fare. It is an honest expose of what is right and good on the regional restaurant scene. My reviews are unsolicited and I receive no compensation for my opinions. You can trust they will be brutally honest.

July 11 2015

Scoop-a-liscious – Williamsport, MD

At first glance Scoop-a-liscious looks like your average Hershey’s hand dipped creamery but it is only the look that is to blame; their ice cream is unique and superbly delicious. They carry over 36 flavors on any given day but today I tried a classic; pistachio ice cream. The flavor was spot on and there were even chunks of pistachio in the ice cream. Their base ice cream is a creamier ice cream made by a Pennslyvania dairy near by. It melts fast which is a good sign that the fat content is high. This remains my favorite local spot for ice cream.

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