I am passionate about good food. Its what drives us to reach new goals. Unfortunately every person has bad food experiences. This blog speaks for all those who paid to eat sub-par fare. It is an honest expose of what is right and good on the regional restaurant scene. My reviews are unsolicited and I receive no compensation for my opinions. You can trust they will be brutally honest.

El Ranchero, Hagerstown MD


  My usual lunchtime spot was mysteriously closed today. Fortunately El Ranchero knows how to deliver homemade mex that both fills the belly and soothes the soul. My usual is the California style chicken burrito but today for this review I tried the Chicken Chimichangas. The taste was bold with a hint of fresh chili and jalapeƱo. I appreciate the heat which is often missing at most Mexican restuarants. Alongside I enjoyed the queso and fresh salsa which complimented the dish nicely. Here is my first bit of advice. I know it will fall on deaf ears as this blog is only for me. When plating a dish be sure to highlight the main actor and do not cover it up under extraneous veggies, lettuce or the like. These chimichangas should have been proudly displayed and not buried like this mornings drive through trash. Instead use the guac and lettuce on the side to bring color and texture to the overall dish. The taste may speak for itself but in the end the artistic element of a dish is almost as important as the taste.

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